About Ricusa

Hello Reader,

First of all i want to thank you for taking interest for reading my articles.

My Name is Richard S. Clark and im not a Master SEO yet but soon i will be for now im just a 11 months SEO that needs to learn more. Thank you for reading my articles and oh! if you may, Please leave comments on any of my articles that caught your attention and given you interest. If you like only but if you dont its okey.

And if you like to learn more you can visit the site itself by clicking on the “Visit”  Link below the articles.

Here are the sites that im currently Optimizing

By the way these sites are open for link exchange, we can talk about it by mail or by messenger. You can reach me by mail on litshard@yahoo.com and on Yahoo Messenger My ID is litshard.

Please kindly Identify your self first cause lots of spam getting to me i dont want you to be reported as one of those spam.

Thank you so much,

Richard Clark ( SEO )


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